AWANA is an awesome, non-denominational Christian club for boys and girls.  Our goal is to provide boys and girls a safe place where they can grow their faith in God and have fun at the same time.  There is no cost to the students.

Each club night runs for 1 ½ hours and is divided into three sections:

  • Worship time:  Kids get to sing silly songs and learn about God’s great love for all.
  • Book time:  Workbooks are provided and kids work at their own pace to memorize Bible verses and answer questions in their handbooks.
  • Game time:  Kids have fun playing all kinds of games.  Scooters, hula-hoops, bowling, relays, dodge ball, paper wars, and more…

AWANA provides many rewards for the kids.  The most important prize is growing their faith as they learn more about God, the Bible, and how He wants them to live their daily lives.  Nightly the kids earn points that they use to “purchase” candy and other items at the AWANA store.  There are also ribbons and trophies at the end of the year for attendance and work completed.
It’s never too late to join!  Another great thing about AWANA is that kids can join at any time, any Tuesday night throughout the year from September until the end of April.  Many kids play sports, but the AWANA program lets them start whenever they are free.

Why not bring your kids and give AWANA a try!  We have great leaders who love to share their faith and time with your kids.  Parents are welcome to come in and watch, read a book, or visit with others as they wait.

Ages 3 – 5

Meet Ms. Pat the Cubbie pre-school leader.

During Book time, the Cubbies hear simple Bible stories, often with felt board characters, and memorize short Bible verses.  They enjoy talking and coloring and sharing.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade

Meet Ms. Marlene and Ms. Jill, the Sparks leaders.

During Book time, the Sparks focus on John 3:16 before taking flight into their own handbooks. They work at their own speed to memorize Bible verses as they learn about God’s love.  They memorize the books of the Bible and the 23rd Psalm.  What does S-P-A-R-K-S stand for?  Come and find out.

3rd through 6th grade

Meet Ms. Shannon and her helpers.

During Book time, the TnT’ers (Truth & Training) work hard to review and memorize many Bible verses.  They are on an adventure and challenged to learn more about God, His purposes and ways.  They memorize the books of the Bible and learn to locate them.  Ms. Shannon is always thinking up little quizzes to test their memories.  How many books in the Bible?  Where is Numbers located…in the Old or New Testament?  Who can find Romans 3:23 first?  Are you up to the challenge?

Key Information

6:30 to 8:00pm
Every Tuesday
Currently Awana is not meeting due to Covid-19.
at the church



Cubbies – 3 – 5yrs
Sparks – Kindergarten to 2nd grade
TNT – 3rd – 6th grade



Donna Christiansen