Our Beliefs

Wilton Center Federated Church is a place where the desire is to Know, Experience and Demonstrate the Reality of God’s love by Sharing it freely, Growing in it faithfully, Expressing it joyfully, Enjoying it completely, and Living it daily.


What does federated mean?
What is your worship service like?
Where is the church located?
What should I wear to church?
Do you have programs for my children?
Are you connected to a denomination?
Is your church right for me?


Core Values
  • We believe that God values the worth of every person and desires that they have a personal relationship with Him.
  • We believe that every follower of Christ has the personal responsibility to discover and grow in their relationship with Him.
  • We value the relationships that we have with each other realizing that we belong, can depend on and enjoy each other.
  • Since worship is our expression of thankfulness to God through Jesus Christ, we value all worship that brings glory and honor to His name; whether corporate or personal, quiet or joyful, through prayer, song or any other expression.
  • We value every opportunity to be the hands, feet and heart of Jesus within our community.


All contact is through the church office. Click here for info.

Interim Pastor | Pastor Rich DeVries

Praise Team/With One Voice | Karen Oglesby

Board Chair/Discipleship | Richard Moore

Deacon Chair | Karen Oglesby

Evangelism | Kim Tysse

Mission | Barb Palmer

Fellowship | Debbie Fox & Pat Christiansen

Worship | Marlene Moore