December – January Mission

Toilet Paper Collection for Ministry

When is the last time you won a contest? This mission project guarantees a BIG win! It’s adults versus AWANA students at WCFC, to see which group can donate the most toilet paper. These supplies will be given to the Helping Hands ministry that serves the greater Peotone area. No matter which group technically wins this contest, the real WINNERS ARE…(drum roll please)…the families who receive this blessing through your generosity and love of Christ.

Helping Hands has grown to be one of the largest food pantries in Eastern Will County. They serve approximately 150 households every month. Unfortunately, many basics get overlooked. Having a contest with the students will turn this project into a fun challenge. For contest purposes, the donations will be counted by rolls.

Thank you so much for supporting this mission project and ministry!
Key Information
  • Please indicate “Dec.-Jan. Mission” on your monetary gifts.
  • Toilet Paper – any amount, brand, or size rolls

Barb P. or Cindy W.